Phone Consultation

30 mins | $60

Families looking for a solution to a current challenge in their child’s life are encouraged to contact us to receive a consultation. During the consultation, evidence-based strategies will be shared with the family as well as advice on neighboring resources that may be a suitable fit for their child. If our company sounds like a possible match with the family’s needs, the client will be encouraged to reserve an incoming evaluation.

Solo Session

1 hr | $60

This is a single session dedicated to writing, math, executive functioning, handwriting or one aspect of reading such as fluency, reading comprehension or more. Families that choose these single sessions are not on a program and sporadically visit the learning lab as needed.

Reading Rescue

1 hr | $75

This service is specifically designed to focus solely on helping the child reach his or her next level of mastery in reading. This program is Orton-Gillingham based, and includes TUTORVATORS’ own Sound System which has been serving as a catalyst in the amount of time needed before progress is consistently noted. This program includes spelling, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Initial Evaluation

1 hr 30 mins | $300

In this service, the child’s level of mastery in reading, writing, or math is assessed. Families are encouraged to bring in work from school for further analysis. The results of the assessments will be shared in a detailed report.

Monthly School Support

8 hrs | $400

This is a monthly package of eight hours of session. Families can use these hours to focus on maintaining school support, such as executive functioning, handwriting, math skills, reading comprehension, working memory, spelling, or writing. Anything from preparing for upcoming tests, learning how to study, spell or write can be chosen as an ongoing goal. Teachers and fellow specialists are contacted weekly to ensure a unified team of support for the child.

Math and Memory

1 hr | $70

This service is specifically designed to focus solely on helping the child build his or her foundation in Math. This is established by assessing his or her current level of aptitude, then teaching multi-sensory strategies and tips. This program also teaches the child the language of math that is so critical in mastering word problems. This program also includes memory work of math facts and more.

Monthly Intervention Support

8 hrs | $600

This is a monthly package of eight hours of highly-intensive remediation program and is provided to those clients operating below their grade level in either one subject or skill or a combination of a subject or skill, such as, reading, spelling, handwriting, or math. Students will be given multi-sensory notes, evidence-based training and weekly support in their class. The goal is to allow the child to relearn material in a multi-sensory way to help them to remain in their current program or school.

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