Offering multi-sensory intervention programs

Tutorvators is a boutique-learning center. We service a range of children who are from preschool to middle school with special needs


We firmly believe that all children can thrive when they are offered the right tools for learning (5)

Math and Memory

Focus solely on helping the child build his or her foundation in Math… (8)

Reading Rescue

Focus on helping the child reach his or her next level of mastery in reading… (4)

Monthly School Support

Families can use these hours to focus on maintaining school support… (9)

Solo Session

This is a single session dedicated to writing, math, executive functioning…

What our parents say


We firmly believe that all children can thrive.

Some of our children are struggling with some form of auditory or visual processing disorder, such as dysgraphia, dyslexia or dyscalculia. While others are only in need of some high-quality training to assist them on minor challenges in school due to anxiety or ADHD.

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Minutes of Assessments
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